Patients with cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators (ICDs), and implanted loop recorders know all too well that device follow-up doesn’t end at implant. Remote monitoring helps make this follow-up easier by allowing many routine device checks to be performed from the comfort of home.

In order to make the benefits of remote monitoring available to more device patients, Medtronic has recently announced a program to provide an array of connectivity options to patients with a Medtronic pacemaker or ICD. Among these options is a WireX cellular adapter that Medtronic will provide to our patients at no cost. This device will allow you to use the CareLink monitor no matter what type of telephone service you have.

In order to be eligible for the free upgrade program, you must be enrolled in the CareLink system by October 31, 2015.  Patients already enrolled in the CareLink system can expect information about upgrade options as the November program launch nears.

If you have an implanted Medtronic device and have been unable to use the CareLink system in the past, please call (804) 323-4029 ext. 309 and our device clinic staff will order your new CareLink equipment.