Before coming in

  • If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please call the office by 3:00 pm the day prior to your test.
  • No special preparation is required.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and two-piece clothing (without metal snaps). Do not wear jewelry.
  • Friends/family are welcome to accompany you to the office but are not allowed in the testing area due to our privacy policy.

Intecardia CT heart scan

VCS was one of the first cardiovascular groups to support CT screening of the heart for patients at risk for heart disease. Through InteCardia, VCS began offering CT heart scans to the general public in 2002. After several years of research and results, the CT heart scan is recognized and recommended to help identify hidden heart disease in asymptomatic, at-risk adults.

The CT Heart Scan measures the amount of calcium build up in your coronary arteries and determines your risk for developing heart disease. This screening procedure is recommended for anyone who does not currently have symptoms, but does have risk factors for developing heart disease. The scan is quick and painless. It does not require any patient preparation, injections or IVs. And, you receive your results before you leave.

We are proud to offer 64-slice CT, the most innovative technology available to identify heart disease. In addition, we are a fully accredited computed tomography laboratory. For more information, click on CT Heart Scan Brochure below. To schedule an appointment, call 804-285-SCAN. (Please note we do require the patient to obtain a prescription from their physician.)

  • Allow approximately 30 minutes for the test.
  • Initial test results will be communicated by the CT Technologist. Final test results will be communicated to you by your ordering physician.

CT Heart Scan patients will need to complete the following forms: