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Coronavirus Vaccine Questions

Please double-check with your local counties health department for county specific sign-ups.

City of Richmond and Henrico County

Chesterfield County

Hanover County – Chickahominy Health District

VCS doctors recommend the vaccine for VCS patients as they are at higher risk of serious complications from Covid-19 infection. VCS will not be administering the vaccine to patients. Please see Virginia Department of Health (VDH) website for more information on obtaining the vaccine.

Please note current distribution of the vaccine is focused on high-risk environments including hospital workers and nursing homes staff and residents. 

Vaccine Commonly Asked Questions

About the vaccine:

Like all vaccines, COVID-19 mRNA vaccines have been rigorously tested for safety before being authorized for use in the United States. The vaccine does not contain the live virus and does not carry a risk of causing disease in the vaccinated person.

Is the vaccine safe:

The FDA rigorously tested the vaccine and administered approval based on the expected benefits of the vaccine outweighing the potential risks. The vaccine trials included many people to see how the vaccine impacted peopled of different ages, race and ethnicities as well as those with different medical conditions. The FDA and CDC are continuing to monitor the safety of the vaccines and make sure that rare side effects are identified.

Is the vaccine that helpful? Can it actually make my illness worse if I do end up getting COVID-19?

The COVID-19 disease and vaccine are new. The CDC is still learning how long the protection lasts for those who get infected and/or are vaccinated. What is known is that if you are infected the disease may pose a serious health risk or infect others. Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine is a safer choice for patients.

Are there side effects to the vaccine?

Common side effects are similar to other vaccinations – pain at the site of the shot, headache, fever or tiredness. If your symptoms do not go away within a week seek medical care. The vaccine cannot give someone COVID-19. Side effects of the vaccine mean that the immune system is working and building up protection to the disease.

How many doses are needed?

Two shots are generally needed to provide the best protection against COVID-19 and the shots are administered several weeks apart.  The first shot primes the immune system, helping it recognize the virus, and the second shot strengthens the immune response.

Corona and Your Heart

Published March 12, 2020

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